Singing lessons

Singing teaching:

I am not using just one teaching method, but from several methods I take things, which work best for me and my pupils (for example Complete Vocal Technique or Anne Peckham). I put an emphasis on entertainment – the pupil and the teacher should have a good time. That’s why we discuss the repertoir together. I respect the personal music orientation of my pupils and I am able to accompany the singer with a piano or I am using the background recordings. My goal is to teach the pupil, how to take care of his voice and to prepare him for a practical life as a singer (breathing, warm up, interpretation etc.). I teach pupils, who know already, what they want to achieve in field of singing, who are ready to work hard and who are not just the „home singers“. 

Do you want to sing? Make your dream come true!

At the lesson:

Every lesson is divided into a theoretical part, where the pupils are taught about the technical stuff, and a practical one, where they can apply their theoretical knowledge about songs.

Admission process:

Tne pupils can come all year round. The very first lesson serves as orientational – I will listen to your voice, we will discuss your plans and goals and then I will create an educational programme just for you.